How much do you know about geography?

This is the question I asked myself and I had to admit, it was shamefully little. Take the test to find out how good you are. Unfortunately there are currently only very few games available. The nice thing about is that you can create your own maps to challenge yourself and your friends!

How to Play

The game is pretty simple, but it's good if you know how to use google maps. To pan the map area click and drag the map to the desired area. You can zoom in and out using the mousewheel, or by using the controls on the left. When a question is asked, click on the area where you believe the answer to the question is. If you provide the correct answer, the game will inform you directly, otherwise it will show you the center of the target area. To continue to the next question, you will have to press the button "Next Question" at the top.

Where are the games?